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Common Data Pains We Address

Do your reports have conflicting numbers?
Do your teams spend hours extracting and scrubbing data?
Does everyone have a different definition of what the numbers mean?
Are you missing data to drive critical business decisions?
Do your customers complain that their information is inaccurate or redundant?



Data Management Maturity Measurement, DM³

Feeling data pain? Not sure how to treat the symptoms, not to mention the underlying cause of that data pain? Maybe you are innovators embarking on a digital transformation. Very few organizations can self-diagnose and self-prescribe a treatment for poor data management. To do so, you need expertise to assess data processes and its foundational structure across the enterprise. Moreover, you may be too close to the problem to get a full picture of what's causing your symptoms. Our tailored DM³ assessment evaluates the current state of your data maturity. We help your organization focus on where and how to get data-healthy. The DM³ gives you actionable insights to addressing your core data issues. It's the first step on your data journey.

Strategic Data Roadmap, SDR

OK, so you know where you are and where you want to be. So how do you get there? Furthermore, how do you deal with unexpected changes along the way? Data is in constant motion. It’s the lifeblood of an organization, flowing through every business activity. Your organization's strategy is in constant motion too. A business cannot stop functioning and evolving to build the future. It needs to both get data healthy and continuously move forward. Our SDR  aligns digital strategy with data management best practices to help your organization do just that. Data strategy drives digital transformation. Data management journey maps help you navigate your road to improvement and innovation. 

Strategic Execution

Our mission is to deliver business value from data. Does everyone trust your data as a business-critical asset? Does each team know how to manage the data they create and use, to turn strategy into action and results? Too many digital transformations fail to close the strategy gap. Execution planning uses your SDR to define an actionable portfolio and communications to deliver data-driven innovations and improvements based on your DM3. Maturing your organization may call for a new data governance team to formalize data policies and stewardship processes for data quality. Strengthening your data foundation may mean redesigning a data warehouse or rethinking data integration. Strategic execution is about getting on the road and making that journey to healthy data.  We will be your coaches and advisors to keep you on the right path.  We partner with your organization at every level to help you deliver business value from your data.

Healthy Growth 

What got you here won't get you there. Good health is a lifestyle, and data management is no exception. We embrace change, and we engage your teams with data that is changing and growing faster than ever. The past two years saw the creation of 90 percent of all the data in the world today. Do you know the value of data to the future of your business? Can your organization imagine how you will manage all this new data in a digital world?
We provide ever-evolving education and leadership mentoring. We empathize with individuals, teams, and organizational leaders to create custom training. We help you re-calibrate your roadmap and execution plan to stay relevant in the face of change.

Collaboration Partners

Data Blueprint is a collaborative network of people who love data. We are architects who deliver data blueprints for digital business. We are personal trainers and health coaches for high-performance data management teams. We are educators and lifelong learners of best practice in data management. We are thought leaders in data management and digital strategy. We are design thinkers who use what we learn in assessment, strategy, and execution to focus on our customers. We will collaborate with your organization to deliver business value from your data.