DM3 Assessment

Stakeholder Interviews/Assessment Questionnaire

Current capability in each area of the DM3 Capability Model

Data Strategy

Strategic Roadmap

Prioritized initiatives with specific milestones and deliverables

High-level estimated timeline and budget to inform business cases

Recommended Blueprint for DM Capability Maturity Acceleration


DM3 Assessment

The plan to improve your Data Management Capabilities and Maturity Measures begins with a survey of your current state. Just as when planning to build a house, you begin with a survey of the project site to know what you have to work with.

The key components of a Data Blueprint DM3 Assessment are: 

Stakeholder assessment using interviews and questionnaires 

Assessment of existing DM strategies, systems, and capabilities 

Assessment findings and capability gap analysis 

Data Strategy

In order to build or improve your data management house, you need a blueprint that encompasses the vision and strategy you have for the future. 

Defining your data strategy involves: 

Strategic Roadmap

Turning the plan for your data management house into reality requires taking specific actions to build it. When building a house, you have to start with the foundation before being able to move on to the next steps. To actually build or expand your data management house, you have to proceed with a logical sequence of steps.

The strategic roadmap is the specification of those steps, that includes: