Systems Modernization
Business Case
This client uses the Washington Allotment Accounting System (WAAS) to perform general ledger accounting for itself and other Department of Defense organizations.  WAAS is a legacy, transaction-driven accounting system.  It has become a liability due to its use of nomad language, poor data reliability and heavy reliance on manual processing.  Side effects include poor reliability and heavy reliance on manual processing.  Redundancies and lack of information led to bills not being paid on time.
Tailored Solution
Data Blueprint reviewed WAAS’ existing data architecture and systems interactions from both a technical and a business process perspective. During this process, technical information regarding the WAAS database architecture, the volume of data that is maintained within the system and the interactions that provide data or receive data from WAAS was captured. Areas of concern relating to data quality, data entry and reporting were quickly identified and quantified.
Upon completion of this project, our client understood that data management was paramount to system modernization. The agency utilized Data Blueprint’s assessment results to create a plan of action which, in turn, positively impacts operations at the Pentagon.
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