Solving Data Integration Problems Through Data Transformation
Business Case
This global financial services provider suffered from global integration problems that were caused by silo-based systems and data sources. An army of operational staff was required to reconcile, monitor and report across the enterprise. Business decisions were greatly hindered by the inability to establish an integrated view of products, transactions, and clients. The desire to establish this financial services provider as a major global investment firm required the development of an integrated global trading platform.
Tailored Solution
Data Blueprint designed, developed and implemented large scale database and data transformation solutions that would achieve the client’s goals. These included architected data solutions for:
  • Transaction processing

  • Account and product master data

  • Total transaction lifecycle management

Data Blueprint successfully implemented a global, service-oriented platform. The many benefits that our client realized from this solution include:
  • Reduced operational costs by millions of dollars​​​

  • Ability to expand revenues by attracting a larger market share of prime brokerage clients and increasing products used by existing customers

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