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It is important that organizations obtain specific, quantifiable value at various points on the path to realizing their data strategies. These take the form of value statements, which must be explicitly enumerated and shared across the organization.
This article describes eleven cases with specific monetary results illustrating how the practice of monetizing data management directly helped a number of organizations in tangible ways that were easy to relate to those in the C-suites. 
What's the Return on Investment (ROI) on data management?  Sound like an impossible question to answer?  Not if you read this book and learn the value-added approach to managing enterprise resources and assets.  Learn the best practices that comprise data management and discover just how valuable your data truly is. 
Having a data warehouse that drives business intelligence is becoming more relevant everyday as companies collect more data about their customers. Being able to effectively analyze this data can help companies make more informed decisions and stay one step ahead of their competition. 
Why should business leaders care about data and why should they care about having a business strategy that draws on data-centric tenants? I don’t mean this rhetorically; I mean really, why should they care? 
Many organizations are facing the end of life for their core legacy systems. These systems, often mainframes or the like, have been enabling critical business functions for the last 25-30 years. When faced with the reality that the legacy systems are becoming a hindrance to business agility and growth (not to mention the daily risk of instability), you are the IT executive being looked at for the answer.