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Data Management - Everyone is a stakeholder our DM3 shows you why.

Everyone has a stake in data management.

Have you been in a meeting and everybody has a different number for the same performance measure? Did you then spend a bunch of time trying to figure out why the figures are different? What a waste of productivity,; that time could have been spent on impactful business decisions. Poor data management affects an organization in a multitude of ways. Unreliable reports cast doubts on the validity of the massive amounts of data-driven judgments a business must make daily. If not addressed, it can cripple an organization.

Is this just the CDO's or DBA's problem to solve? No, it is everybody's problem to solve and everyone is a stakeholder. Good data governance benefits everyone across the organization. For the executives, it is reasonable to expect that they want to protect the business from excessive risks and bad decisions.

What about the legal perspective? They want to minimize legal exposure from data spoliation. HR and finance? Privacy, proper retention and disposition of employee and financial records is a priority. Compliance and records managers have regulations and internal policies to confront. Marketing needs to know that client contacts are up-to-date and correct. Each of these stakeholders needs reliable data to complete their function. It is, therefore, essential that an organization effectively manage data across all information systems.

Many organizations are still using manual processes like spreadsheets, email, and in-person meetings to govern data structure and implement system changes. These efforts are ineffective unless there is a data governance structure in place. Numerous organizations are looking to solutions like the data management maturity measurement (DM3), offered by Data Blueprint to help them effectively manage these problems.

The DM3 assessment captures the current state of data management maturity and capabilities in the organization, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and offers opportunities for improvements. Stakeholder interviews, along with insightful analysis, provide the organization with direction on overcoming data management challenges. It also helps to ensure that the organization’s business strategy is aligned with their data strategy, as the latter must support the former.

Only through a proper assessment can an organization mature its capabilities to data management best practices. Our DM3 assessment will provide the insights needed to create a strategic road map for the journey towards sound data governance. Sound data governance is the solution to improved data-driven decisions.