Managing Metadata Through Metadata Repositories
Business Case
Through merger and acquisition activities this Credit Union has grown to be the largest credit union in the Midwest. These activities resulted in a high volume of data migration and transformation across all business segments. Our client envisioned that improvements in their data management practices would improve the integration of previous mergers and acquisitions activities. They desired to partner with industry experts to improve their data management practices to a world-class level. Central to this effort was the development and implementation of improved metadata management tools and processes. As an initial movement toward metadata management, this Credit Union desired to develop a working prototype.
Tailored Solution
Data Blueprint’s metadata management experts utilized their “Repository in a Week” program to develop and implement a prototype metadata repository that was customized to meet our client’s specific requirements.
The many benefits that this client realized from our solution included:
  • A working prototype of a metadata management repository

  • Mentoring and advising CACU staff through data and metadata modeling exercises

  • Guidance on personnel requirements, environmental guidelines, project, and data source selection

  • Analysis of chosen data sources and potential use validation

  • Incorporation of best practices in the design and development of the prototype repository

  • Recommendations on future requirements, phasing and transition of prototype to future state

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