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Lynn Noel

V.P. of Digital Strategy

Lynn Noel designs data blueprints for digital innovation. Lynn is an organizational strategist, design thinker, and digital data management expert. She is the author of the Manifesto for Digital Business.
Lynn provides organizations with visionary strategies and practical roadmaps to orchestrate digital transformation, digital customer experience, self-service analytics, and hybrid cloud business architectures, with an encyclopedic knowledge of the vendor landscape and a prescient eye for emerging trends. This expertise comes from her work in enterprise architecture, including leveraging TOGAF and Zachman frameworks and innovative 3D architectural modeling. Her leadership and practical experience have been honed from years of “in the trenches” work with enterprise data management and customer relationship management tools and platforms. With both data and customer experience, Lynn delivers powerful insights and vision for Data Blueprint clients that provide the necessary foundation to design tailored strategies and roadmaps to digital business.
Lynn embodies the perspective that data management for organizations is both an art and a science. She combines her technical expertise with a social science background, artistic talents as a professional storyteller and musician, and hands-on DIY Digital design and user experience consulting. Data management and digital innovation are not strictly technical endeavors. They are heavily influenced and driven by the people and the dynamics of the organization looking to improve and innovate. It is the holistic approach to digital innovation strategies and concepts that Lynn is particularly adept at conveying. Further, her social science background and deep IT consulting experience provide a solid basis for identifying frameworks, design patterns, and ontology modeling that are tailored to the needs and demands of our clients.
Lynn is a User Experience Design professional certified from Rutgers and has an M.S. in Human-Environment Geography from the University of Wisconsin. As a former Research Fellow of the Dickey Institute of Arctic Studies at Dartmouth College and a consultant to the Canadian Heritage Rivers System, her book VOYAGES: Canada's Heritage Rivers was awarded Best Conservation Publication from the Natural Resources Council of America. Lynn is a member of DAMA and TDWI and an active mentor of women in STEAM, finding innovative ways to survive and thrive as creatives in the digital economy.