Improving Total Life Cycle Management of Equipment
Business Case
The U.S. Marine Corps’ Global Combat Support System (GCSS) was working to improve combat effectiveness of the operating forces and to support emerging doctrines and war fighting strategies. An urgent need exists to better label and track equipment in order to positively impact war-fighting efforts and reduce data anomalies and errors. A technical initiative was created to address and direct efforts relating to data profiling, data cleansing, data integration and data governance.
Tailored Solution
During an initial short-term engagement, Data Blueprint successfully conducted a data quality and data profiling initiative. The business value provided by our solution included:
  • A cost-effective, repeatable process of identifying potential data health issues

  • Data quality remediation plans that can be easily prioritized and resourced using the metrics generated by our approach

  • Potential reductions in cost and risk realized by implementing necessary data quality controls discovered during the data profiling phase

  • Potential reduction in the cost of system migrations due to the automated approach

The many benefits that the U.S. Marine Corps realized from our solution included:
  • Identification of approximately $5 billion of equipment that does not tie out between two critical operating systems

  • Realization that approximately $531 million of SAC 3 items have duplicated serial numbers

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