Executive Launch

Data Management Concepts for Senior Leadership

At times, do you feel like a lost voice in the wilderness?  Are you having trouble getting the executive sponsorship that you need to fully implement data management best practices in your organization?  Are you struggling to get your executives to perceive data as a true asset, like real estate, human resources, machinery, etc.?  Does your leadership not understand the need for governance of data assets?  

If you suffer from a lack of support like this, you understand how much harder it makes your job.  We have the solution at Data Blueprint.  Our Executive Launch program consists of three 1-hour training sessions that will give your senior leadership a better understanding of what you do for your organization and the importance of managing data assets with the same rigor as other corporate assets.  

The Sessions

The initial session includes a grounding in the basic concepts involved in effective data management.

The second session looks at how those basic concepts come together as a framework for applying those concepts to meet the needs of an organization.

The third session delves into data strategy and its central function in enabling a data-driven organization.

The information presented in each session is rooted in the DAMA Body of Knowledge (DMBoK 2.0) along with Data Blueprint's twenty-plus years
of experience with the practical aspects of applying those concepts and
principles to the specific needs and circumstances of businesses.