ERP Rescue
Business Case
This Commercial Building Contractor was faced with a multi-platform ERP migration as a result of a merger with a sister company. The organization sought assistance from Data Blueprint to create a balanced analysis, design, test and database migration plan to meet their fiscal and time constraints.
Tailored Solution
Data Blueprint integrated data from two different ERP systems into one new ERP system. As part of this effort, Data Blueprint analyzed data from each of the previous systems and mapped it to the new system. The value of this technique lay in the ability to streamline the time that it took to analyze the data and meet a very tight go-live deadline.
Data Blueprint’s data engineers provided our client with significant experience and proven tools to migrate data from its existing legacy systems to a new ERP. Our team applied Data Blueprint’s mentoring methodology throughout the data migration process, which allowed our client’s associates to understand both the business and technical issues. These two factors were key to the success of the ERP migration. During this process, our client learned how to avoid typical data migration pitfalls as well as how to save rework time.
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