Database Optimization
Business Case
This Federal Transportation Agency suffered from legacy systems that created redundancies and inaccuracies of data relation to employee benefits. Ineffective data management left the agency unable to create an integrated view of corresponding data. The need to switch to a modern application environment had become inevitable and hence, the Data Optimization Project was initiated.
Tailored Solution
Data Blueprint provided third party oversight (implementation consulting) as well as data model review on this project. Our team conducted initial assessments and created the Statement of Work, which defined the requirements, identified possible project risks along with mitigation plans and specified vendor selection criteria. During the next phase of the project, Data Blueprint was part of the source selection committee to choose suitable vendors.
Data Blueprint’s team of experienced data managers successfully directed the implementation of a modern application system at this Federal Transportation Agency. They served as consultants throughout the entire 22-month project and ensured that the redundancies and discrepancies of the old system were finally eliminated.
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