Having a data warehouse that drives business intelligence is becoming more relevant everyday as companies collect more data about their customers. Being able to effectively analyze this data can help companies make more informed decisions and stay one step ahead of their competition. Creating a data warehouse also takes stress off your employees and operational systems allowing for more efficient creation of meaningful reports and analytics.
Star Schema is a popular data warehouse structure that transforms operational data into a series of “fact table” structures. The storage of the data focuses on specific business-derived facts that would then be the source of data for the front-end reporting or business analytics tool for data output and visualizations. A data vault structure is another, less common data warehouse structure. Instead of relying on business-derived decisions around “facts” and their associated business rules, a data vault stores all data from the source systems in a historical, structured manner. This can help you realize potential flaws in your business processes while providing the ability to trace all data back to the source systems.
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Data Warehouse Structure Decision