Gaining Competitive Advantage Through A Data Vault 2.0 Platform and Methodology
Business Case
This client is an insurance broker in the Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) industry with a predominant focus on workers compensation insurance. The organization provides customized solutions for complex issues. Their approach offers creative coverage options, proprietary data analysis and insights, and an executive risk management approach that provides their clients with best practices and metrics to increase profitability and mitigate risk. This organization believes in educating their clients and providing transparency throughout the underwriting and procurement process. What sets them apart is their deepindustry knowledge and carrier relationships. With 300+ firms under management, this organization is the market leader in their industry.
Tailored Solution
In order to establish a unified view of all their data points, Data Blueprint built an analytics platform utilizing data vault 2.0 methodologies that integrates policy, payroll and claims data. This gave our client previously non-existent analytical capabilities that are flexible to meet the changing needs of business.
While all of these improved capabilities represent important benefits, our client utilized its newfound integrated analytical capabilities to gain a more in-depth perspective of their insurance portfolio and clients. Given the use of the data vault of methodology they have additionally been able to sell jurisdictional, geographic, and other aggregated data to the market with their new data platform and modeling capabilities. This new capability clearly represents an additional revenue engine, adding to their competitive advantage and solidifying their position as an industry leader.
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