Data Profiling and Data Quality Initiative
Business Case
The U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) maintains a catalog of over 600,000 items for procurement. It is imperative that the information associated with these items is correct so that the downstream systems that consume the information display relevant and confident information to users. To provide this capability, data must be analyzed in both the source system and the transactions that feed the source system.
Tailored Solution
As part of the data profiling and quality initiative, Data Blueprint:
  • Utilized Informatica 9 Data Quality Analyst to profile data sets related to item introduction for the USMC​

  • Created mappings inside Informatica 9 Data Quality Developer to produce error staging tables based upon business rules provided by SMEs​

  • Validated and deployed additional mappings inside Informatica 9 Data Quality Developer to automate the creation of remediation transactions

Data Blueprint conducted a comprehensive business case analysis, business process analysis and data/metadata analysis to identify and map the systems and business rules in order to improve logistics information. The end result of this project provided a repeatable capability through the use of data quality tools for the automated identification of data errors and the automated remediation of a large percentage of identified errors.
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