No one data platform can address all of your problems. This is commonly misunderstood and often leads to very expensive, bloated and ineffective data platforms. Data Blueprint understands the questions that need to be asked and how to build the right data platform or optimize an existing one to solve your most important business data needs.

Do you want insights on your customer’s behavior?
Do you need real-time customer transactional information?
Do you need historical data or just access to the latest transactions?
Do you want to measure critical operational process performance?

Data Platforms

Our Data Platform Expertise

Big Data and Predictive Analytics Data Platforms

Not your typical IT project. These data platforms enable the exploratory nature of finding new insights. Less structured, identify trends, not necessarily focused on precision.

Data Warehouses, Data Vaults, and Data Marts

A more structured analytical approach to data platforms. Business questions and data sources are more well defined. Can support a wide range of business information and reporting needs.

Operational Data Stores

A highly structured data platform, often capturing data in real-time. Typically used to support operational processing and does not maintain long-term historical data.

Authoritative Data Platforms For Business Entities – Customers, Products, Etc


All other data platforms are negatively impacted if you do not store and manage your key business entity data effectively. Highly structured and closely governed data repositories.

Taxonomies and Metadata Platforms

Used in conjunction with other data platforms to provide greater business context to your data, especially unstructured information such as documents.

What Makes our Data Platform Approach Different

We Build What You Need


All data platforms are not the same. Customer and product data (e.g. “Master Data”) needs a different data platform than an analytical data warehouse, which is different from a transactional-based data platform. Data Blueprint knows these differences and how to design and build the data platform that best fits your needs.


We Engineer, Not Just Develop, Data-Centric Systems


Our approach to building a data platform involves more than just writing some code. We understand that data platform stability and scalability are critical requirements for your organization. Our data engineering approach includes building for these broader objectives and in the end, delivers a higher return on your investment.


We Recommend and Use Leading Technology


We are agnostic to the technology used to develop your data platform. Our team can assess and recommend the best technology tools to use based on your specific requirements. We have broad experience with many data platform technologies and understand that your data platform must integrate with your existing technology environment and organizational skill sets.