Data Management Assessment & Roadmap
Business Case
This specialty insurance provider has achieved industry-leading success in selling specialized insurance products. Multiple marketing channels and partners are leveraged to reach the end consumer. This agility in the marketplace has led to quick and substantial growth. A recent business initiative has created hundreds of highly targeted products for Internet sales that need to be presented at the right time, in the right context for the right customer profile. At the same time, existing partnerships and marketing initiatives continue to evolve. The complex portfolio of offerings has become difficult to analyze in terms of profitability and organizational impact, making it increasingly difficult to manage strategically. In order to guarantee continued success, the company needs to mature in its data management, governance, integration, and metadata management procedures. These procedures will enable it to use business critical data with confidence when making future business decisions. Additionally, these procedures will also equip the company with the necessary flexibility to adapt to their changing marketplace.
Tailored Solution
Data Blueprint was engaged to conduct a current data management assessment and develop a data management roadmap for the organization. Additional requirements included performing a pilot of tracing and documenting a piece of business critical data throughout the company. The roadmap document consisted of organizational data governance, metadata management, data architecture, and data quality requirements.
Upon completion of this project, Data Blueprint successfully provided the framework and roadmap to support industry data management practices. This solution has provided the following benefits:
  • Created data management and enterprise vision for data assets

  • Improved data governance and confidence in metadata definitions

  • Established consistent data definitions and reporting throughout the organization

  • Identified and documented critical business processes

  • Ensured time savings, improved operational capabilities and competitive edge​​

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