Data Integration

Data integration across organizational silos creates new insights about your customers, products, marketing channels and your financial and operational performance while fostering a culture for greatly improved data availability and accuracy. It is also the biggest challenge. Whether your organization is developing a Big Data solution or creating regulatory financial reports – data integration is at the heart of these solutions.

Can you easily measure key business metrics across your enterprise silos?
Have you noticed how many places the same data exists across your organization?
Do you notice it takes an unexpected level of effort to answer some simple business questions?

Our Data Integration Expertise

Data Integration Based on Your Business Terms

An organization can only be integrated if they use a common language to communicate. With our clients, we create a repository of meaningful business-terms and then use these terms to build integrated data flows for sharing data across the enterprise.

Enabling a More Integrated Business Model


We enable you to view your business from multiple perspectives. We can design and develop integrated data flow making your data more visible, accessible and understandable to the different business stakeholders.

Recommending and Using Technology To Build the Integrated Plumbing

With the ever-increasing volume and variety of data and the expected benefits of data integration, we can design and implement a technical framework for moving, transforming and sharing data across your organization.

What Makes our Data Integration Approach Different

Focus On Your Business Needs

We take a management consulting approach to deliver value with our data integration solutions. Typically, it’s when you are able to look across business silos that value gets created with your data. We focus on where those data integration points are most impactful to the business.


Make Data Integration an Organizational Capability

An integrated data environment can only be successfully developed and sustained when you have a strong data management foundation including data governance and data architecture. Our team works collaboratively and can provide the skills training needed for your organization to develop data integration as a core capability.


Build Data Integration for the Long-Term

Most data integration occurs at the project level. We understand that to sustain an integrated data environment, it has to be driven from the top-down. Our approach starts with an enterprise view of your business needs and mapping your data assets to those needs. We develop our data integration solutions so that the data lineage is captured and documented. This ensures there is transparency and understanding as your data moves across the organization.