Data Assessment & Enterprise Data Warehouse Roadmap
Business Case
This Large Credit Union (Top 50 in the country) has set the strategic objective to improve the data quality and reporting capabilities of the entire organization. The strategic goal is to have an enterprise data warehouse and reporting solution supporting the entire organization with ‘A Single Version of the Truth’. This would allow the credit union to use one set of information to support queries and reports. With the enterprise data store, information locked up in some departmental systems could be accessed and used by the rest of the organization. Another strategic data goal is to have a 360° view of the credit union member. The credit union plans to use this information to provide better services and product offerings, which will enrich relationships with both current and prospective members.
Tailored Solution
Data Blueprint was engaged to conduct a current data assessment and develop an Enterprise Data Warehouse/Reporting Roadmap for the organization. In order to support the strategic goal ‘A Single Version of the Truth’, we looked at all of the major systems and department needs for the credit union. The roadmap document consists of the Data Warehouse Framework, Implementation Plan, Team Structure, and Data Management best practices.
Upon completion of this project, Data Blueprint successfully provided the framework and roadmap to support industry data management practices. This solution is expected to provide the following benefits:
  • Improved visibility of the activities and actions of the member

  • Improved data infrastructure and integration that allow for increased automation and less manual error

  • Consistent data definitions and reporting throughout the organization

  • Time savings, improved operational capabilities and competitive edge

  • Updated IT roles and responsibilities to support Data Warehouse efforts

  • Increased visibility in the profitability of product and services offered

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