Data Architecture Assessment & System Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept
Business Case
This large, international chemical company develops and manufactures additives and formulations used to lubricate motor oil, grease and fuel. An important part of their business relies upon research and development of new products for companies, and testing of these formulas within their laboratory environment. Individual product trials may cost between $7,000 and $250,000 and produce vast amounts of important and incidental data. Lab trials are run throughout the world, and, in some cases, may be duplicating previous efforts. The organization is looking to implement a centralized data store, which would pull together test data and historical information from multiple disparate data sources and applications in a way, which would allow all users to quickly and easily find information. This would eliminate or reduce the need for redundant trials, make use of historical findings to reduce the complexity of trials and turn around information more quickly to customers in order to avoid losing business to their competition.
Tailored Solution
Data Blueprint was engaged to conduct a data architecture assessment and proof-of-concept (POC) in order to identify the current state of test data within the client’s multiple systems and demonstrate the potential for an enterprise-wide data store.
Upon completion of this project, Data Blueprint successfully proved the potential to create an enterprise-wide data store. This centralized solution is likely to provide the following benefits:
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