Organizations are facing an ever-growing variety and volume of data. Data Architecture organizes your data assets so they can be leveraged in your business strategy to create real value to your business. Data Architecture is foundational to an information-based operational environment.

Can you easily integrate and share information across your organization?
Do you struggle to extract the value from your data because it is too cumbersome to navigate and access?
Do you have a blueprint of all your data assets and how they are related?
Are you confident your data is organized to meet the needs of your business?

Data Architecture

Our Data Architecture Expertise

Defining your Data Architecture Requirements


  • We create data-centric models of your business and the activities that will drive your organization’s competitive advantage.

  • We assess your organization’s data architecture skills, organizational roles and responsibilities, practices, technologies and effectiveness.

  • We identify the gaps between your business needs and our assessment results to define requirements for the most cost-effective data architectural solution.

Creating a Data Architecture


  • We create data architecture solutions that organize and manage the complexity and volume of your data assets so they align with your business strategy.

  • We use your requirements to develop conceptual, logical and physical data, architectural models.

  • We define a common language for the most important data elements that help foster a collaborative business knowledge base across your organization.

Implementing a Data Architecture Practice


  • We help you plan and create the processes, policies, workflows, organizational structures and skillsets needed to sustain your data architecture.

  • We deliver training and education for data architecture on a variety of levels including mentoring, workshops, certification training and college credits.

What Makes our Data Architecture

Approach Different

We View Your Data Assets Through a Business-Focused Lens


We ask questions about your business to understand your data architecture needs.


We tailor our solutions to meet your most impactful business needs – we unlock the business value of your data.


We avoid the ‘boil-the-ocean’ approach – based on our scientific research, we understand that in most cases it’s really only 5 to 10% of your data that is critical to driving business value.



We Help You Create a Foundational Data Architecture Capability


Your organization must have a data architectural competency to succeed in a data-driven economy. We use our collaborative approach to transfer our knowledge and expertise to your organization and position you for success.


In addition, our industry recognized thought-leaders can provide the training and mentoring to evolve your organization’s data architecture skills.