Bob Woodington

Sr. Data Management Consultant

Bob came to data management as an application developer, and early on realized the critically important role that data plays in the successful implementation of every technological endeavor.  Bob enjoys the challenge and process of problem-solving and believes that careful analysis of an organization’s data situation can lead to implementable solutions that will improve operational capabilities.  He believes that finding the correct balance between the ideals of data management theory and a practical application of technology provides the highest chance for successful integration of technology and business needs.

Bob provides our clients with strong leadership, communication, and analytical skills, with a demonstrated ability to develop creative and flexible solutions to meet the needs of the organization.  

He excels at being able to develop specific solutions to address client needs while never losing sight of the broader implications of the overall data strategy.
Bob is a graduate of James Madison University and has been developing data-based applications for over 24 years.  Bob is also certified by DAMA as a Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP).

His experience summary includes
  • 24+ years of implementing data architectures using a variety of platforms
  • 24+ years of developing data-centric applications for end-users 
  • 20+ years of designing data architectures and governance processes
  • 20+ years of analyzing and troubleshooting existing systems to design and develop solutions to improve both back-end processes and user experience.
  • 15+ years of requirements gathering and planning and estimation expertise