Melanie Mecca

Data Practices Maturity Lead

As the managing author of the Data Management Maturity Model (DMM), Melanie is the leading expert on this comprehensive reference model for evaluating data management maturity. Having synthesized the collective knowledge of 50+ industry experts, Melanie has encompassed within the DMM a unique reference model for evaluating and improving data management capabilities.
When Data Blueprint clients need a rigorous assessment of how mature their data management practices are, they derive considerable value from Melanie’s work in this area and her experience in leading such assessments across a spectrum of industries and organizational types. In her 30+ years of solving enterprise data challenges, Melanie advocates that the quickest path for organizations to achieve business value is to measure their data management capabilities and empowering governance.
Additionally, Melanie has developed and teaches a set of intensive courses leading to the Enterprise Data Management Expert certification. She has also developed and taught courses that cover topics from data stewardship and data management to metadata and governance. She draws upon her deep and broad experience to make these courses real and applicable to her audience’s situations and circumstances.