“In March 2018, as part of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA), the Administration established a Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal focused on Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset to establish best practices for how agencies manage and use data. As part of this CAP Goal, the first ever enterprise-wide Federal Data Strategy (FDS) was developed to establish standards, interoperability, and skills consistency across agencies.” [1]

Particularly within well-defined hierarchical systems, such as federal government organizations, there can be immense resistance to change. Within those same organizations, there is often an already well-established governance framework. 

“The United States Army is a massive organization.[2] The hierarchy is well-defined with its nearly unchanging rank structure and clear lines of roles and responsibilities. In the service itself (meaning active duty service and, to a lesser but similar degree, the reserve force) there is strong governance. By strong governance I mean that there is written policy and a system in place to establish, review, update, disseminate, and enforce the policy. In fact, enforcement of the policy is built into every level of the hierarchy; from the lowest level – uniform and standard-issue gear inspections and preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) – to the highest level – Congressional Sub-committee review of General Officer high-impact decisions. The Army-taught concept of an “after-action review” (AAR) also speaks to the degree of built-in governance.”

Michael Ulrey, VP of Business Success 

An existing and strong governance framework is a blessing and a challenge. When attempting truly transformational change you will be introducing new elements of governance into the existing system. There will be natural resistance. 

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