Data Quality

Data Quality

Our data quality solutions are driven by the simple principle of ‘first time correct’. We focus on your most important data assets and ensure our solutions address the root cause of any quality issues – so that your data is correct when it is first created. Our experience has shown that organizations can never get in front of their data quality issues if they only use the ‘find-and-fix’ approach.

Do you trust your most important data?
Do you get multiple answers to the same question, depending on who you ask?
Have you noticed how often your employees are double-checking the data before they use it? Does this make you more or less confident in the data?

Our Data Quality Expertise

Identifying Data Quality Issues and Measuring their Impact

  • We identify your most important data and develop business requirements for data quality rules.

  • We develop a data quality rules engine that is integrated with your operational data flows to baseline and monitor data quality.

  • We quantify the business impact of found data quality issues.

Remediating the Data Quality Root Cause

  • We analyze your data quality issues from the rules engine to identify and understand the root cause.

  • We propose and implement data quality solutions to address the root cause and, when needed, we develop a business case to ensure remediating is justified.

  • We build in controls to ensure that data quality issues are addressed going forward.

  • When needed, and only after remediating the root cause, we correct existing erroneous data.

Implementing a Data Quality Framework

  • We broadly evaluate the existing data quality issues and organizational challenges creating those issues.

  • We create an achievable scope for the framework by identifying your organization’s most important data assets (usually 5-10% of the data, at most).

  • We develop an operating framework that leverages people, processes and technology to address the gaps in data quality management, including organizational cultural challenges.

  • We craft and support the implementation of a roadmap that delivers short-term wins and sets long-term milestones.

What Makes our Business Intelligence Approach Different

Solutions Tailored To Your Most Important Data Assets

We understand that only a portion of the data your company captures is truly impactful to your business. Our expert consultants will work closely with you to identify the most important data assets to your business by understanding your business model in data terms.


Leverage Industry Thought Leaders

Our industry thought leaders, such as Drs. Tom Redman and Peter Aiken, have literally written the book on data quality. If poor data quality is pervasive and disruptive to your organization, our thought leaders can help re-orient the organizational thinking and culture to manage data as an asset.


Create an Organizational Capability To Maintain High Data Quality

In order to compete in today’s information-based economy, the practice of ensuring high data quality for your most important data assets is a pre-requisite. Our collaborative approach will transfer our knowledge and skills to your organization so that you can create a core competency in data quality. In addition, our industry recognized thought leaders can provide training and mentoring to evolve your organization’s data architecture skills.