Data Governance

Data Governance

Data and information technology do not exist for their own sake. They exist to meet the needs of the business. Data governance is the exercise of authority and control over the management of your mission critical data assets. It is the data governance function that guides how all other data management functions are performed.

Do you manage your data assets with the same discipline and rigor as the CFO manages financial assets or that HR manages human capital?
Is it clear who in the organization is responsible for managing your data assets?
Are your data governance policies, processes and roles and responsibilities clearly understood by the entire organization?

Our Data Governance Expertise

Defining your Data Governance Requirements


  • We evaluate and understand your current state, including current roles and responsibilities, policies and processes.

  • We define the business needs of a data governance program along with the business problems that need to be solved.

  • We inventory and define the critical data domain and attributes, including how the data is created and used within your business processes.

Developing a Data Governance Framework


  • We develop your data governance charter, policies, and processes, including guidelines on how to enforce rules and manage conflicts.

  • We develop your data governance organizational structures along with their roles and responsibilities, governance council, working groups and data stewards.

  • We develop the meta-organizational structure – e.g. centralized or federated data governance.

Implementing a Data Governance Practice


  • We develop a roadmap with short-term wins and long-term milestones

  • We provide guidance and support for change management, education, communication and training efforts.

  • We provide guidance and support in the execution of data governance projects.

What Makes our Data Governance Approach Different

Tailor Cur Solution to the Most Impactful Data Governance Processes.


We understand that governance can seem like an added bureaucratic layer with little value-add. That is why we take an agile approach and develop governance where it matters the most. We propose a ‘crawl – walk – run approach. Start small and build as executive level and departmental “buy in” is gained and the organization matures its governance practices.



Leverage Industry Thought Leaders


Our industry thought leaders have literally written the book on data governance. The thought leaders will address cultural issues and support leading organizational change. They will provide training and develop processes that support governance collaboration across functional areas.