Data Education

Data Education

Our data education services can help improve your data management skills as well as help re-orient your organizational thinking to be data-driven. Our team of data management thought leaders provides tailored educational programs to close gaps in critical skills, to support organizational change management needs and to develop data-focused leadership for the C-level executives.

Does your organization have the skills to compete in an information-driven market place?
Do your line-managers understand data and how to manage it as a business asset?
Does your senior management team know how to think like an information-driven organization?

Our Data Education Expertise

Developing Data Management Skills through Data Education

  • We offer customized training, mentoring and data education programs for business and IT professionals at all levels of the organization

  • Our scope includes the full spectrum of data management skills for data education, including data architecture, governance, quality, development, etc.

  • Our data educational programs can be developed to award CE credits as well as accredited college credits

Leading Organizational Change

  • Create a sense of urgency and help leadership understand why it is important to transform your company into an information-driven business through data education

  • Help develop the senior leadership’s vision for leveraging data to unlock business value

  • Help create the communication plans and roadmaps for leading organizational change​

Developing Data-Focused Leadership


  • We understand the measurement of business value with data: Identity what is really important, define what you want to measure (i.e. KPIs), and methods for measurement

  • We help you develop an operational framework for executing a business case that can be developed into a repeatable process or methodology

  • We can help develop C-level knowledge and skills for managing data as an asset and provide one-on-one mentoring to develop chief data officer skills

What Makes our Data Education Approach Different

Commitment to strengthen your data management capabilities

It is part of our living brand to help organizations succeed in the evolving information-based economy through data education. We realize that can only happen if we ‘teach you to fish’ rather than ‘bring you a fish’. This commitment is important to us and we live up to it through close collaboration and knowledge transfer during our engagements. Our data education services provide a way to accelerate and deepen the knowledge gained by your organization.​

Leverage Industry Thought Leaders for data education

Our industry thought leaders have literally helped write the book on data management. Our close association with the leading data management professional organizations enables us to provide the best in data education and training in the industry.