There is a certain size at which companies begin to address problems related to enterprise management of data within their organizations. Our experience suggests that size is in the ballpark of 500 million dollars in annually recurring revenue. Some of the reasons this occurs may include:​

Mergers and acquisitions – When two significant entities combine, they often bring established IT systems together. There is then a decision on whether to 1) allow all of the systems to continue to exist, 2) attempt to determine primacy between like systems, or 3) force one of the entities to migrate to the systems of the other. Any and all of these scenarios lead to significant enterprise data challenges.​

Natural evolution of IT systems within organizational siloes

Replacement of legacy systems with modern COTS or SaaS solutions

There is a general proclivity within all organizations to purchase tools (applications, systems, etc.) first and, only later, to assess sustainability, fit with other tools in the organization, and best use of the tool just purchased. Why? Because it is easier to do it that way; path of least resistance. The general scenario goes something like this:

We have a problem… Do we have a tool that fixes the problem? Not that we are aware of… Is there a tool? I found some things that might work on the internet. Well. Let’s call up a few of the vendors and find out more.

Sub-component of organization

Software Vendor

Yes. We can help with that…

You have procurement governance and guidelines in place to ensure fair acquisition (or maybe you do not), but you do not have governance and guidelines for whether the procurement should proceed in the first place or to ensure that the tools you already have are leveraged to meet the challenges of today.

We help you define the starting point of your journey to enterprise data management (DM3 Assessment), capture and understand the holistic environment in which you are operating today (DM Landscape), facilitate articulation of the future you are looking to achieve (Data Strategy), and set you on the path to positive growth (Data Blueprint, ReadySetGo! Roadmaps).