Business Systems Modernization
Business Case
The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) provides logistics support for the Department of Defense (DoD). With management of over 7.2 million items and 54,000 requisitions per day, data management is key to their vision to provide the right item, right service, right place and the right price every time. Due to aging ERP systems, the DLA decided to embark on the Business Systems Modernization (BSM) program. To do this, data from billions of procured items needed to be migrated from multiple legacy systems into one enterprise-wide system. The BSM project is the most significant project at the DLA.
Tailored Solution
Data Blueprint has worked with the DLA to assist with a massive data migration associated with their Business Systems Modernization effort to upgrade their primary information systems. As part of this effort, Data Blueprint:
  • Conducted a data quality assessment and data cleansing effort

  • Significantly improved data quality and streamlined the data migration process

  • Created an approach for the DLA to maintain their data quality and ensure that the procurement process would continue to deliver support to our war fighters

Data Blueprint successfully accomplished all goals outlined by the DLA for this project. Due to this success, the project evolved to wider areas of data quality than were originally envisioned. This specifically includes areas in which ROI is significant to the DLA and its overall mission objectives.
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