Assessing Data Management Practices
Business Case
The U.S. Army CIO/G-6 identified several urgent requirements relating to its data management practices. These requirements included:
  • Assess data practices at all levels and identify factual information on the current state of data​

  • Define policy issues concerning data management​

  • Solve urgent and confidential personnel issue​

  • Create support for data strategies for Communities of Interest

Tailored Solution
Data Blueprint has pioneered a scientifically based analysis that measures the maturity of a firm’s data management practices (DM3®). The DM3® brings insight into the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s data strategies, policies, procedures, organizational roles, IT development and on-going maintenance. An organization’s DM3® maturity scores are benchmarked against results from over 450 private and public organizations. This assessment delivers the inputs needed to make ROI-based decisions that will lead to the right investments in your data assets. Data Blueprint conducted a full DM3® for the CIO’s office and identified areas for improvement along with best practices. In collaboration with our client, Data Blueprint defined data management policies that are repeatable and meet organizational strategic goals.
The many benefits that the U.S Army CIO/G-6 realized from Data Blueprint's DM3® include:
  • Creation of a tangible prototype to address confidential personnel issue​

  • Logistical support for 18 Communities of Interest​

  • Teaching seminars

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