In 1999, Peter Aiken, PhD founded Data Blueprint in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.  For the past 20+ years, the company has provided data services and expertise to commercial and government clients. In recent years, our focus has been on enabling digital transformations for our clients.  We specialized in conducting data management maturity and capabilities assessments and developing strategic roadmaps to help our clients enable digital transformations, become more data-driven and to develop data-centric cultures.


Many challenges have been overcome by Data Blueprint over the years. Yet none has been as severe as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Like many other companies’ experience, the impact was sudden and deep. In January we were lining up business with clients in the US, Canada, Philippines, and the UAE. By March all but one of those projects had disappeared.


So, it is with great sadness that we announce that Data Blueprint has ceased operations as of July 1, 2020.


Since Day-1, Data Blueprint has been all about the people.  We have always been blessed with some of the most talented data professionals anywhere.   If you are searching for that data management expertise, we encourage you to look for Data Blueprint alumni on LinkedIn.


Thank you to our current and former employees for building a world-class data management consultancy.  Thank you to our clients over the years.  Thank you for trusting a small company in Richmond, Virginia to help you improve your data management best practices.  It has been a privilege to provide services to all of you.


-The Data Blueprint Management Team