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Introducing The Data Doctrine

On the surface, data-centric thinking sounds like a straightforward concept. After all, centering business thought around the principles of data management surely equates to both internal efficiency and external efficacy, if only due to just how prevalent data is in the modern business world. Yet for a philosophy so dependent on objective measurements and calculations,… Read more »

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Data Governance – Big G – Little g Part 1

Big G – Little g – Part 1 Data Governance is a foundational element of data management practices and technology efforts, and is especially vital to obtain quality analytics in organizations today. At Data Blueprint our extensive experience includes planning, implementing, and supporting Data Governance initiatives across a broad array of clients. We have designed… Read more »

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Trends in Data Modeling – Your Questions Answered

We recently had our Data-Ed webinar “Trends in Data Modeling” presented by Peter Aiken, Ph.D. and Steven MacLauchlan. Attendees were shown the difference between anchor modeling, data vault and how to apply them. Peter and Steven also helped attendees understand how to integrate data models to business models. We had lots of great questions from… Read more »

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Data Governance Strategies – Your Questions Answered

We recently had our Data-Ed webinar “Data Governance Strategies” presented by Peter Aiken, Ph.D.. Attendees were shown Steps for improving data governance within their organizations. Peter also helped attendees understand why data governance can be tricky for most organizations. We had lots of great questions from the attendees for Peter during the Q&A session. Check… Read more »

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Thomas Redman: Algorithms Make Better Predictions — Except When They Don’t

Predictive analytics is proving itself both powerful and perilous. Powerful, because advanced algorithms can take a near-unlimited number of factors into account, provide deep insights into variation, and scale to meet the needs of even the largest company. Perilous, because bad data and hidden false assumptions can seriously mislead. Further, algorithms cannot (yet, anyway) tap… Read more »

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Data Quality Best Practices

We’ve all heard the headlines: Data Quality is one of the leading causes of IT project failures. Poor data quality costs businesses billions of dollars every year. Chronic business challenges can often trace the root to poor data quality. Despite best efforts, data quality issues persist. Why is this so hard to get under control?… Read more »

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