Driven by our mission – Unlocking Business Value – our approach builds on our brand promises

It is our belief that data is the most powerful yet underutilized and poorly managed asset in business today. Poor data management practices are widespread and many organizations are unaware of the true state of their data capabilities.

We help clients succeed by:

  • Strengthening your data management capabilities: Our approach goes beyond building you a solution. We make managing data a repeatable process.
  • Providing tailored solutions: Every organization creates value in a unique way. Our approach focuses on your unique requirements.
  • Building lasting partnerships: Our approach commits to the long-term, beyond the time of the engagement. We strive to be a trusted resource.

In order to succeed in today’s information-driven environment, data needs to be at the heart of your organizational business model and strategy. This is where we come in. We put organizations on the right path to leverage their data for competitive advantage and unlock business value. Our approach leverages core competencies including foundational data management practices such as data strategy, data governance, data architecture and data education, with integrated technical data management practices, including data quality, data integration, data platforms and business intelligence.


Approach Phase 1: Discovery

Our approach begins with discovering:

  • The data that is most impactful to your business needs
  • Your organizational capabilities to manage data as an asset
  • The state of your technical environment


Approach Phase 2: Roadmap

Once the discovery phase is completed, we begin to lay out the path forward in a roadmap that:

  • Is achievable and matches your organization’s abilities to deliver
  • Builds momentum with specific, short-term win projects
  • Layouts a long-term vision along with implementation milestones


 Approach Phase 3: Implementation

Following the Discovery and Roadmap phases is the Implementation phase during which we apply the optimal mix of both foundational and technical data management solutions based on your specific scenario.


Foundational Data Management Practices

Managing data as an asset requires a strong foundation in data management practices

Data Strategy: A data strategy outlines your organization’s vision for managing data as an asset and its plans for leveraging data to create a competitive advantage. Stay ahead of your competition by aligning your data strategy with your business strategy. Learn more

Data Governance: Data governance is the exercise of authority and control over the management of your mission critical data assets. It is the data governance function that guides how all other data management functions are performed. Are your data governance policies, processes and roles and responsibilities clearly understood by the entire organization? Learn more

Data Architecture: Data Architecture is foundational to an information-based operational environment. It is the Data Architecture function that organizes your data assets so they can be leveraged in your business strategy to create real value to your business. Learn more

Data Education: Our data education solutions can help create or improve your data management skills as well as help organizations re-orient their thinking to be data-driven. Our team of data management thought leaders provides tailored educational programs to close gaps in critical skills, to support organizational change management needs and to develop data-focused leadership for the C-level executives. Learn more


Technical Data Management Practices

Organizationally integrated data requires proven data management technical practices

Data Quality: Our data quality solutions are driven from the simple principle of ‘first time correct’. We focus on your most important data assets and ensure our solutions address the root cause of any data quality issues – so that your data is correct when it is first created. Learn more

Data Integration: Data integration across organizational silos creates new insights about your customers, products, marketing channels and your financial and operational performance while fostering a culture for greatly improved data availability and accuracy. Whether your organization is developing a Big Data solution or creating regulatory financial reports – data integration is at the heart of these solutions. Learn more

Data Platforms: No one data platform can answer all your questions. This is commonly misunderstood and often leads to very expensive, bloated and ineffective data platforms. We understand the questions that need to be asked to build the right data platform or optimize an existing one to solve your most important data business needs. Learn more

Business Intelligence: Ultimately for data assets to generate monetary value, business users need access to trust-worthy information when they need it and for whatever business purpose they have. Good business intelligence and analytics is the intersection where relevant, timely information and raw business intuition come together. Business intelligence and analytics is where the business value of data is first visualized and then realized. Learn more