Data assets can increase revenue when used strategically with the optimal business intelligence and analytics infrastructure.

  • Have you struggled to effectively implement your business intelligence suite of tools?
  • Do your business intelligence reports take a long time to run and then produce inconsistent results?
  • Do your business intelligence dash boarding solutions create sensory overload without yielding meaningful insights into your organization’s daily operations?
  • Do business intelligence users extract data out of the business intelligence tools to use it to create their own ‘shadow’ reporting systems?

Ultimately for data assets to generate monetary value, business users need access to trust-worthy information when they need it and for whatever business purpose they have. Good business intelligence and analytics is the intersection where relevant, timely information and raw business intuition come together. Business intelligence and analytics is where the business value of data is first visualized and then realized.


Our Business Intelligence Expertise

Defining your Business Intelligence and Analytics Requirements

  • We define the questions the business users need to answer – the business context
  • We understand how business intelligence and analytics supports the users business process – make the output actionable
  • We present the output intuitively – data visualization matters

Building Dash Boarding/Business Intelligence Reporting Infrastructures

  • We develop the data models to support the business intelligence and analytical requirements
  • We develop the metadata to standardize the business meaning of your data assets
  • We build and populate the integrated data repository to be used by your  business intelligence and analytical tools

User Adoption and Training

  • We develop and deliver end-user training on the use of  business intelligence and analytical tools
  • We develop and deliver end-user education on leveraging data more effectively
  • We develop on-going production support plans to ensure data is updated and maintained


What Makes Our Business Intelligence Approach Different

We build what you need

All business intelligence solutions are not the same. Different vendor’s business intelligence software tools have varied strengths and weaknesses. Data Blueprint knows their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, we know how to design and build business intelligence infrastructures that will effectively leverage your data platform investments and that will best fit your needs.

We engineer, not just develop, data-centric systems

Our approach to building business intelligence infrastructures involves more than just writing some code. We understand that business intelligence platform stability and scalability are critical requirements for your organization. Our data engineering approach includes building for the broader business intelligence objectives and in the end delivers a higher return on investment.

We recommend and use leading technologies

We are agnostic to the technology used to develop your data platforms and business intelligence infrastructure. We can assess and recommend the best technology tools to use based on your specific requirements. We have broad experience with many business intelligence technologies and understand that your data platform and business intelligence infrastructure must integrate with your existing technology environment and organizational skill sets.


Our Mission:

Unlocking Business Value through Data Management

It is our belief that data is the most powerful yet underutilized and poorly managed asset in business today. Poor data management practices are widespread and many organizations are unaware of the true state of their data capabilities. We help clients succeed by strengthening their data management capabilities, providing tailored solutions and building lasting partnerships.

In order to succeed in today’s information-driven environment, data needs to be at the heart of your organizational business model and strategy. This is where we come in. We put organizations on the right path to leverage their data for competitive advantage and unlock business value. Our approach leverages core competencies including foundational data management practices such as data strategy, data governance, data architecture and data education with integrated technical data management practices. These practices generally include data quality, data integration, data platforms and business intelligence.